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LIA Producers are Staff Volunteers who help to elevate the loved and lovable message through our magazine, podcasts and live stream / TV offerings.

HERE is an org chart of our current producers.

Volunteer Podcast and Livestream Host/Producer

Role Requirements:

1. **Passion for Community Engagement:** The candidate should have a genuine interest in community involvement and social impact, demonstrating a commitment to making a positive difference through media.

2. **Strong Communication Skills:** Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential for engaging with guests, listeners, and viewers effectively. The candidate should be able to convey ideas clearly and articulate thoughts cohesively.

3. **Broadcasting Experience:** While prior experience in broadcasting or podcasting is preferred, it is not mandatory. However, the candidate should demonstrate an understanding of podcasting and live-streaming platforms, including basic technical knowledge of recording equipment and live-streaming software.

4. **Interviewing Skills:** The candidate should possess strong interviewing skills, including the ability to ask insightful questions, actively listen to responses and facilitate engaging conversations that resonate with the audience.

5. **Content Creation and Curation:** A creative mindset is important for developing compelling content ideas, as well as curating relevant topics and guests for the podcast and live stream series.

6. **Organizational Skills:** The candidate must be highly organized and capable of managing various aspects of production, including scheduling guests, planning episodes, and coordinating technical setup.

7. **Collaborative Team Player:** The candidate should work well within a team environment, collaborating with other volunteers, guests, and support staff to ensure the success of each episode or live-stream event.

8. **Adaptability and Flexibility:** The nature of podcasting and live streaming often requires flexibility and adaptability to changing schedules, technical issues, and unforeseen circumstances. The candidate should be able to adapt quickly and problem-solve effectively under pressure.

9. **Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion:** A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is crucial, as the candidate will be responsible for creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for guests and audience members from diverse backgrounds.

10. **Availability:** While this position is voluntary, the candidate should be willing to dedicate a consistent amount of time each week or month to podcasting and live-streaming activities, including recording sessions, live broadcasts, and post-production work.

11. **Passionate about Learning:** A willingness to learn and grow within the role is essential. The candidate should be open to feedback, eager to improve their skills and stay updated on industry trends and best practices in podcasting and live-streaming.

By meeting these job requirements, the volunteer podcast and livestream host/producer will contribute to the success of the program, engaging audiences, and making a positive impact through meaningful content creation and community engagement efforts.


Mentorship Opportunities are available through Team Better to help all producers and talents realize their endeavors while working alongside our team.

This position is AT-WILL (meaning you can depart at any time without consequence).

LIA has a series of studios set up to facilitate our work!

Studio A – Tara Priolo

Studio B – Dr. Flow


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